Using Rideshares with Pets: Etiquette

Do you need to bring your dog or cat when you call Uber? Follow rideshare etiquette when riding.

It can be expensive to own a car. In addition to the price of the car itself, you have to pay for insurance, gas, and maintenance. Aside from that, some cities are simply not conducive to driving. Ridesharing is probably already a part of your daily routine if you’ve decided not to own a car. By using these, you can get around quickly without owning your own car.

Is your dog able to get around on its own? There are pet policies on most rideshare apps that state that pets are allowed, but it is up to the driver to decide whether to allow them. Learn some etiquette for rideshares with your pet and how to navigate them.

Can pets rideshare?

Having become available in 2009, ridesharing has changed the way people travel. Depending on where you live, you may be able to get a rideshare sooner and at a lower price than a taxi or even driving yourself. Can you bring your pet with you?

The general pet policy of most ridesharing companies allows drivers to include pets at their discretion. Typically, drivers for most companies are contractors, not employees, and they use their own cars. Because of this, blanket pet policies would be nearly impossible to enforce. It is recommended that passengers contact drivers directly if they have questions about their pets.

Ridesharing with pets: Simple Etiquette

Even though you are hiring a driver, the vehicle is probably their own. A rideshare driver should be informed that your pet will be riding with you if you call and accept a ride for yourself and your dog.

If you are riding with your dog in a rideshare, here are some basic tips:

  • Once you are matched with a driver, call them and ask if you can bring your dog in the car – if they say no, you can cancel the request.

  • Show your driver your dog’s calm and well-behaved nature when he arrives – he should be sitting beside you, on a leash, to ease any concerns.

  • Spread a towel or blanket over the seat. It’s polite to keep your dog’s hair off the seats that your driver may have to clean afterward, no matter how little.

  • Give your driver a generous tip to show how much you appreciate his flexibility.

  • If your dog makes a mess in the car, you should clean it up yourself and ask your driver to handle the situation – some companies compensate drivers for mess, others don’t.

If you are going to call a rideshare, ask yourself if you really need to leave your pet behind. When you follow basic etiquette rules and communicate with your driver, you can take your pet along!

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