Megan is the Adoptable Dog of the Week

Loveable and sweet, this cute pooch is looking for a best friend! Megan is an adoptable Cocker Spaniel and Papillon mix from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. She is housetrained and spayed and would be happiest in a home where she would be the only pet or at least the only female dog. With older, respectful children, she does well.

The story of Megan

Megan is described as one of the sweetest doggos to ever be in the care of her foster parents. Once she feels comfortable around you, she won’t hesitate to show all her kindness and loyalty. Despite her smarts, she loves being the center of attention and affection, so much so that she will grab your hands with her paws and pull them onto her head for you to pet her. She will follow you around the house like a lap dog. At first, she can be shy and unsure, both around new people and dogs, so it takes time and patience- which is why Megan would be best suited to an experienced adopter.

She is dominant around other females, so her rescuers recommend placing her in a home with only other female pets. A feline-free household is essential for her. She is a cuddly pooch who loves to cuddle and be petted, but she also has an energetic, sporty side. Since she runs a lot (and likes to run), she needs someone to make sure she gets plenty of exercise. Having a fenced yard will allow Megan to run around and play safely.

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