The Hairy Dogfathers: Beach Bummed

It’s surf time, dude! Wait… dogs aren’t allowed on the beach? What a bummer! We have a few tips to make sure your beach-side vacation doesn’t turn into a disaster.

Greetings, Hairy Dogfathers!

We rented a cabin on the lake for two weeks this summer. Before we got our new puppy, we rented it last summer as well. Here’s the problem. We love the beach, that’s part of it, but there are signs everywhere that say, “NO DOGS ALLOWED ON THE BEACH.” Why are people so cranky? How should we proceed? It is very important to us that our new dog learns to swim and spends time with us.

Beach Bummed, Regards

Dog park bad manners

According to André:

Greetings, Beach Bummed!

One of my biggest irritants is outdoor spaces that don’t allow dogs. Sadly, I cannot explain why this is happening, it could be a variety of factors. Consider contacting the beach owners (or appropriate authorities) and asking for permission to bring your dog on the beach during off-hours. If another beach is nearby, you could also bring your dog there. There are often “less developed” areas near more popular beaches that are perfect for playing with your pets. I would definitely recommend doing some research beforehand and looking for a dog-friendly hotel in the future. If worst comes to worst, you can put your dog up in a nice kennel where they can play and have fun with other dogs.

This summer, have fun!

It’s AndrĂ©

Here are 7 fun things to do with your dog this summer

As Kevin puts it:

Greetings, B.B.

Sorry your relaxation time has hit a snag! There’s nothing fun about banning dogs from the beach, and I don’t think it’s fair.

“No Dog” signs have been posted on some beaches due to fears of E. coli transmission from dog waste. Several “bad apples,” or in this case, a few dog owners who didn’t clean up after their dogs, can ruin everything for everyone else.

He makes a good point: find dog-friendly swimming spots. It’s becoming more common for state and provincial parks to have dog beaches, and even if they’re not official, there are probably some areas on the beach where locals swim with their dogs. Look around the beach or if you see other dog owners in the area. Make sure you clean up after your dog!

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