What Your Dog Needs To Know About Recall

You must teach your dog recall to keep him safe – here’s how

When it comes to training your puppy or dog, teaching the “sit” and “down” commands is fairly easy because these are things your dog is naturally inclined to do. However, training your dog to come when called can be more difficult – especially in situations where your dog prefers to do something else. It’s important for dogs to remember their recalls, however, so that you’ll be able to call them back to you if they get into a dangerous situation.

A quick guide to getting started

You should not simply use your dog’s name to call him because this could be confusing if you use his name with other commands. It is best to use the same command throughout your training, such as “come” or “here”.

6 Tips For Teaching Your Puppy To Come When Called

In a low-distraction environment like a large room in your house or a backyard, your dog will be less likely to come to you and the exercise will be ineffective. Make sure you have plenty of tasty treats on hand to keep your dog interested. The treats should be small but very smelly so that your dog can get a whiff of them and run after them. During every training session, use a different kind of treat.

Start by kneeling a few feet away from your dog and calling him in an excited voice – your dog will be more likely to come to you if he believes it will be fun. Give your dog treats every time he responds correctly until he knows how to respond to the cue consistently. As the next step, give your dog the recall cue while running away from him. Don’t forget to reward your dog only when he behaves appropriately.

How To Teach Your Dog To Be A Canine Good Citizen

Methods other than these

You can train your dog to come when called using the training method described above, but it is not the only option. There are some dog owners who prefer the “back up and recall” method. Practice this method in a distraction-free environment while your dog is on a short leash. Taking a few quick steps backward while holding the leash, give your dog the “come” command. You should keep moving backward away from your dog until he comes all the way to you. Offer him a treat and praise him when he does. In addition to teaching your dog the “come” command, this method also teaches him to pay attention to you.

For training recall, you can also use a 20-foot training leash or long line. A long leash allows you to control your dog while allowing him to move freely. In order to implement this training method, you will need the assistance of a friend or family member. Hold the leash with one hand while someone crosses their hands in front of your dog’s chest to restrain him. Run away from your dog while giving the command “come” while waving a treat in front of his face. By clapping your hands, you can encourage your dog to follow the “come” command only once. Praise and reward your dog when he comes. By running farther away from your dog before you give the “come” command, you will teach your dog to respond even when you are not directly next to him.

Dog training is all about making it fun – if you make the sessions fun for your dog, he will be more engaged. Get creative when teaching your dog to recall by making up games to keep him entertained.

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