We are featuring Spankee as our Adoptable Dog of The Week

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Spankee. Spikee is an adult English Pointer and Dalmatian mix from Newcastle, Oklahoma. The dog is already neutered, housetrained, vaccinated, good with kids, dogs, and cats.

The (Laser) Story of Spankee:

I’m Spankee! Since I’m a Dalmatian and a Pointer, I’m affectionately called “Laser.” Are you bird crazy? I am told that’s me!

Because I am young, I can run and play all evening long, and I even have a playtime at noon when we eat! Apart from that, I’m all alone in a kennel and I have my own bed

When we play, the other dogs can’t keep up with me because I’m always looking and sniffing for something everywhere… like birds! Despite that, I love attention and wiggle so much you can’t see my tail! It’s a happy day for me!

Despite the fact that I am a BIRD DOG in a Dalmatian kennel, I am housebroken, have a doggie door, and am great with kids (they pay more attention to me!) and silly cats.

Looking for a bird dog? Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS? It’s so exciting that my tail is about to wag!

It would be great to see you! My name is Bird Dog! I am! It’s me, the bird dog! I’m exactly what you’re looking for! You can count on me! I’ll wait here and watch down the street for you! OH MY GOSH, I’M SO EXCITED! Hurry up! It’s time for my tail to wag!

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