Unleashed dogs pose a threat to the neighborhood, say the Hairy Dogfathers

She writes in about her pet peeve – an unleashed dog that wrecks havoc on walks and leaves a mess. When it comes to curbing this nasty habit, the Hairy Dogfathers know just what to say.

Greetings, Hairy Dogfathers!

What should I say when asking a neighbor to keep her dog on leash and clean up after him? My head is spinning!

In addition to the city ordinances on both issues, running into her is really challenging. As her dog is off leash, he comes charging up to my dogs, making both of them go nuts, and her dog ignores her if she calls it away! I have two dogs going bonkers and a crying kid when my toddler is with us. My kid is scared of being bitten. I have cleaned up the neighbor’s dog’s poop several times now because she doesn’t clean up after the dog.

She seems completely passive about the whole thing, and I’d like to say something before complaining to the building manager.

At the end of my leash, signed

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According to André:

Your situation sounds unpleasant and could easily spiral out of control. The first thing to consider is how and when to approach your neighbor. When you are running into them with your own dog or child, you have enough to worry about, and even if you prepare a speech, you are bound to use flowery language. It would be good to invite them and their dog for a playdate at a local dog park, so they can both be off leash and burn off some steam, while you and the neighbor can talk. Write a note about your concerns if your neighbour doesn’t want to be too friendly. The best thing about this strategy is that others have surely noticed, and she won’t know it’s you. Your message to us suggests that you already know what to say, so make sure you convey it in a straightforward manner. If you use flowery language, chances are they have heard it before and haven’t read between the lines.

The Bad Manners At The Dog Park

According to Kevin:

I don’t like that at all! In my opinion, you should go straight to the building manager. There is no doubt that this person is a nuisance, and hopefully she will be booted if enough people complain! If you encounter any other dogs, make sure the building manager knows that they are under control and that everyone is cleaning up after their pets.

You can help your dogs become more self-controlled, however, by spending some more time with them. Keep us posted on how this turns out!

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