There’s no better way to celebrate National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week than with a drink in hand!

Almost everything has its own national day/week/month these days, but we’ve found a favorite: National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week!

Exactly…February 18 was National Drink Wine Day, and today is National Love Your Pet Day (as if that’s not every day! ), so cat lovers across the country have been wondering why they couldn’t combine the two. This sounded fantastic to Offers.Com and PetWinery, so National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week was born!

Find Out What Your Dog Breed Says About Your Wine Taste!

Throughout this ‘holiday’ week, and are offering specials to wine lovers and cat lovers, as well as wine and cat lovers! They’re making it easy to buy wine for yourself and something for the kitties.

Of course, ‘cat wine’ isn’t wine at all. It would be crazy to give your cat alcohol. Catnip, fish oil, and water are some of the offerings that will make your cat go crazy.

We have to say that if your cat hasn’t had a little Cat-Tini, we’re not sure you love her. This ‘holiday’ runs through Friday, as do the specials on the websites. For cats with sophisticated noses that don’t want regular catnip, it’s made with organic valerian root. Basically, it’s a Diva drink, but do you want to drink alone or with your cat?

That’s what we thought, too. You should keep in mind that PetWinery’s CatWine and Champagne contain salmon oil, which will give your cat healthy skin, a healthy immune system, and boost her cardiovascular health. Drinking with and for your cat is good for its health!

There’s Non-Alcoholic Wine For Cats Now

That’s fine. Perhaps that is some enabling. Considering this is a made-up holiday, we feel some enabling may be appropriate, but we won’t say anything.

Check out some drinks for your pretty kitty. Don’t drunk-dial any old dog friends!

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