It’s Cool Cat Cribs That Make The Claws Come Out

Now cat lovers everywhere can enjoy a seamless d├ęcor that blends style and practicality! With feline-friendly furnishings, modern design gets a kitty makeover.

The “kids” take up quite a bit of space on the sofa when we settle in to watch TV at night in my multi-pet household. My poor planning (not preparing my tea before claiming my seat) often results in me losing my coveted spot to my fleet-footed felines. As soon as we stand up, our pets are in like flint and (admit it!) we all relocate to the less desirable, less comfortable chair. We don’t need a bigger sofa (though it wouldn’t hurt) or another carpeted cat-tree (yikes, no more) but a special place that accommodates FiFi’s need to feel close and cozy as well as our desire to eliminate one more cat bed.

I just love fellow pet-parents at this point. The problem is experienced, the need is identified, and the solution is developed. The following are a few pet-pleasing alternatives to giving up your couch:

A-Frame Cat Bed is more than a scratching pad, it’s a sneaky little cat bed and even an end table where you can set your cup of tea! This compact scratcher is made by The Refined Feline and includes a cozy cushion for your pet to sit on, as well as a substantial upright scratching surface. Furthermore, there are holes in the panel under the cushion so your kit-kat can bask in heat or air conditioning without blocking vents. It’s really nice to tick this box since my guys love to lay on vents. If you want to keep your A-Frame looking stylish, you can replace the sisal scratch pad with a designer carpet square.

Another really cool end-table design comes from Latitude Run who have created a casual, hand-woven faux rattan (think Pier One style) that can slip in alongside any sofa and do double-duty; offering privacy to those pussies who like to hide as well as an attractive tabletop for those of us who are concerned with space. It features a waterproof, easy-to-clean cushion pad from which your pet can watch the world go by (or at least the feet of the world go by), as well as a 25″ high table top for storing your bits and bobs.

Your feisty feline will not only be housed in style, but sharp claws will be redirected to a specially designed scratching pad. With its curved, textured scratching surface, the SkratchKabin provides the warmth and cozy your cat craves without damaging your sofa legs! Only 13″ tall and 16″ wide, it will fit under most end tables or alongside your sofa, and the washable KatKushion liner and sisal toy mouse will almost certainly keep your feline companion occupied throughout the show.

Mary Simpson is an animal lover and communications professional. She has a soft spot for anything stray, and shares her century home with an eclectic collection of rescues, including orange tabby Chico, tuxedo Simon, and jet black Owen. The “shop local” movement is a cause she is passionate about, along with running, politics, and exploring local wine regions.

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