Here are 10 tips on how to wash your dog without getting it soggy

Follow these tips to wash your dog for the sweetest smelling one on the block

Is there anyone who doesn’t love the smell of a wet dog? We’re just joking around, but we love how a dog smells after a bath. To help you wash your dog properly, we’ve put together a few soggy tips. Don’t forget to check behind her ears as well as all the furry nooks and crannies of the dog. See our 10 soggy dog washing tips below.

  1. Keep everything you need close at hand. Before Fido gets into the water, make sure you have towels, shampoo, conditioner, a washcloth, a comb or brush, and treats ready for Fido. You should not leave an unattended dog in the bathtub. If your dog is wet, you may find yourself chasing him around the house.

  2. Take a test swim. Make sure it’s not too hot or too cold. Your dog shouldn’t be left shivering or burned.

  3. Before getting her coat wet, brush it out. When your dog isn’t too fond of bath time, brushing before tub time can help relax him. Furthermore, it removes tangles and mats that need to be removed before you can bathe your dog.

  4. The right shampoo can make all the difference. Choose a quality shampoo for your dog, especially if she has skin issues. There are some shampoos that are specifically designed for puppies, while others deal with fleas and ticks. Before making a purchase, read the labels.

  5. Start by wetting the coat and then shampooing it. It’s time to get your dog soggy! From head to tail, wet your dog completely. Start at the top and work your way down. Don’t forget to shampoo behind her ears and between her toes, which are often missed. Massage your dog if he is anxious.

  6. That cute little face needs to be washed. Your dog will probably dislike this part the most. To clean your eyes, mouth, and ears, use a damp cloth. Don’t get shampoo in these areas – it stings and tastes awful. Take a damp cloth to your dog’s ears if they are floppy. But be sure to dry them, as floppy ears are prone to ear infections.

  7. Rinse it off. Time to get rid of all that dirty shampoo, so give your dog a good rinse. Rinse off your dog until the water runs clear. If there’s shampoo around her face, use a wash cloth to wipe it away.

  8. The towel should be removed. Wrap your wet dog in a towel and rub her down gently. Make sure you get inside her ears and around her eyes. You should finish this part outside if you can – once you take the towel off, she will shake and it can get messy.

  9. The hair is dry. It is safe to use a hair dryer on your dog as long as you keep it on a low and warm setting. You don’t want to burn her skin with the dryer. When she is dry, add some dog perfume to spruce up her smell. During this time, add a drop or two of rinse to help dry out the insides of her ears

  10. You’re done! Congratulations on your fresh-smelling dog. Treat yourself to some treats after a job well done.

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