Cooling Down a Horse: Tips and Tricks

The number of hot summers has increased in recent years. Heat and humidity are soaring, and it’s hard to escape them. As difficult as it is for us to do so, imagine how difficult it must be for our animals to do so. Horses are most affected by the heat.

Make your work more efficient

Exercise should be avoided during great heat. When horses are active and spend their energy, their body heat increases. When possible, avoid heavy work, exercise, and hot weather. You can keep the temperatures down by following these tips if the activity cannot be avoided.

Don’t expose yourself to the sun

Make sure your horse has adequate shade. During the hottest parts of the day, keep your horse away from direct sunlight. When the horse is in a shaded area, the sun’s heat is shielded from its body. It is dangerous to keep horses in an environment with no shade, so if possible, plant a tree nearby, construct a barn, or build a stall well-insulated and well-built. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you have adequate shade and ventilation. Keeping your horse in a stable or stall should have enough ventilation if it has to stay there. Air circulation helps disperse hot air, and a cool breeze generated will keep your horse’s body temperature cool. The windows in your stall building should be evenly spaced and set at a good height.


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