Choosing the Best Horse Housing Option for Your Horse

Prior to getting a horse, you should prepare everything they will need. The first thing to consider is where your horse will be housed once they arrive at your farm. It’s true that horses are powerful and large, but even they require protection from the elements in order to thrive. However, what exactly is ideal for horses? Which type of shelter is needed, and what constitutes too small or too large housing? Here are some answers to these, and other horse housing questions.

What kind of shelter do horses need?

When planning horse housing, there are a number of factors to consider. The type of horse, its activity level, daily chores, the environment and climate you live in, and the locality, are all important factors to consider. It is worth mentioning, however, that not all horse owners build houses on their estates. Some people do not have that option. It is possible that these owners will board their horses. Equine accommodation can be provided by established specialty stables or local farms. It is, however, an additional expense that makes horse ownership unfeasible for some people.

Here are the things you need to know if you want to build your own horse accommodation. For the most part, horses need protection from the elements. Extreme cold and hot temperatures, snow, hail, storms, wind, etc. Horses are no exception to being exposed to the elements. It is also necessary for these animals to have a safe and dry place to eat. The environment in which you live is also important to consider. As protection from predators that might roam around at night if you live in a rural area with plenty of nature and free space, horse housing might be needed. However, if you live in an urban area, you need to consider all the free land you have at your disposal and all the permits required for constructing a horse shelter.

Horses participating in special events, competitions, or races will likely need more elaborate housing, with plenty of additional facilities and equipment to keep them in peak condition. It is possible, however, that you might choose a classic stable with plenty of room and adequate protection from the elements if you have a strong draft horse that helps you complete various tasks around the property. Simple housing, standard dimensions, and no bells and whistles are sufficient for most horses.

The dimensions of a stall for a large draft horse are around 16′ by 16′, whereas the dimensions of a stall for a riding horse are 12′ by 12′. Horses that are smaller will need stalls that measure roughly 10′ by 10′. Stalls are just one part of a barn: you also need to store feed, tools, equipment, and provide entry and exit points. Proper barns will be well-insulated, with plenty of windows for natural lighting and ventilation, and protected from all sides.

There is also the option of outdoor housing. Suitable for temperate climates, large pastures, enclosed properties, and seasons when the weather is nicer. They differ from traditional barns in that they are usually three-sided and can have a simple or elaborate design. A barn that is built outdoors is also more cost-effective and easier to clean.

It doesn’t matter how a horse is protected, it needs to be adequately protected. It’s up to you to choose according to the type of horse you own. Horses no longer roam in herds on open pastures like they once did. It is best to keep them under a sturdy roof and in a cozy stall today. It is important to remember that even though their stable or barn might be comfortable and spacious, they still require plenty of time outside. Exercise and relaxation in nature and on open pastures should be a regular part of your horse’s routine. Ideally, everyone should get some fresh air and sunlight each day!

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